Session Information

When is the deposit due? A nonrefundable deposit of $100 is required when the session is booked. The remainder is due at the time of the session.

Are there any other fees? A travel fee will be added if location is more than 30 miles away. Fee is dependent on location.

Where will the sessions take place? As an on location photographer, all sessions will take place at an outdoor location of your choice or at your home. If you aren’t sure of a location, we can choose one together.

When is the best time for a session? My favorite times to shoot are early morning and about two hours before sunset.

When is the best time to take maternity portraits? Maternity sessions are best when done between 32-36 weeks. 

When should newborn sessions be booked? As soon as you have an estimated due date. J Picking a date anywhere between 5-10 days after your due date is a great estimate. Newborns are best photographed in that time frame.

What should we wear?
·         Start with one person. Try not to think of everyone’s outfit at once. 
o   Start with mom or a daughter, because they would typically be the ones wearing a print. 
·         Pull colors from that print. Try to think about who in the family would look good in those coordinating colors.
o   Do this to pick out the rest of the family member’s clothes.
·         Finish with personalizing it.
o   If your child has a security blanket or a favorite teddy bear they never part with, be sure to bring those items with you.

How long after the session will it be before the gallery is ready? Your gallery should be ready about 2 weeks after the session date.

Can I share images online? Included with the purchase of any high resolution image is a web ready file of that image. These are included for easy uploading to your favorite social media sites or personal blogs. Any images used online should include watermark and © Lauren Durrence Photography in the caption.
Where can I print images? To ensure quality prints, please use professional printers only.