Friday, October 11, 2013

Becoming a Family of Five | Savannah GA Children and Family Portrait Photographer

Warning this post is LOADED. We (my husband and I...with a little help from family for our group shots) took sooo many pictures, and it was impossible to delete any. Honestly, this isn't even all of them, but I knew I had to be slightly reasonable with the length of this post.

Some may say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. I would have to disagree though, because that was the day we met our newest little person. And that day, for us, was nothing short of amazing. We got to the hospital a little after 5am, and, yes, that's early, but when you can't sleep, it's nothing. :) Our family all made guesses about his weight and hair color, and we needed to see who won, and I was sooo very ready to hold the little wiggle worm that had been kicking me for months. :)

After we got dressed in the super fancy and stylish hospital clothes provided, we were ready! But, before they wheeled me in for surgery, my doctor came into our room to check on us and to flaunt his delicious smelling coffee. Ok, so maybe it wasn't his intention to do that second part, buuut...I do love my coffee, and it was early, and I hadn't had anything to drink since the night before. After making sure we were ready to go, he prayed for us, for the surgery, and for our family. I can't even tell you how much that meant. So blessed to have such an amazing doctor.

Here we go!

Seeing Oliver for the first time was amazing. First child, third child, or tenth child...I don't think seeing the baby you carried for nine months would ever be anything but amazing. His perfect little face and hands and feet...His perfect everything. I made that, well, my husband helped, but still. We made that. We made another perfect little tiny person. It's just so dang amazing to me.

 A few cellphone pictures had to be thrown in too. :)

I was totally and completely instantaneously in love.

 Our first pictures as a family of five!

Opening the presents Oliver had for them. :)
They were pretty smitten. 


He's so beautiful!

 I think that black and white picture is my favorite of the two of them. Love.



 Watching football. :)

  Love this man. Love this baby. Love.

 I hardly put him down, but I did share him a little. :)

I just love how Oliver is holding daddy's hand while they sleep. 

 It's a new day, and we get to go home soon!
 Favorite. Love his beautiful eyes.

Such a special time. Love.

Hearing screening. 
Dressed and ready to go home!

If you made it this far, I'm impressed! It was long, but I really didn't see how to leave anything out. I love our little family of five. :)


  1. Love it all!! So many great pictures! I didn't think there were too many, if anything it could have used more! haha

  2. Love! Wonderful photos. Congrats!