Thursday, September 27, 2012

36:52 | Trinkets

The theme this week was trinket. What a cute topic, and I just happened to be given a trinket dish as a gift when my aunts returned from Japan this summer. So, I photographed a few of my trinkets and a few I borrowed from my mom in that beautiful dish.

My entry...
And more just because...

And our trinket family...<3

Saturday, September 15, 2012

35:52 | Open

This week's challenge was open, and while I had a few different ideas, I kept coming back to one. It's simple and basic, but sometimes that's ok.

Here's my entry for open.
This happens to be my favorite open sign for my favorite coffee shop. Coffee...yum, and this coffee is absolute deliciousness.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Last First Day

My little man started Pre-K this week, and that means it's our last first day of school at a place we have been for 5 years. As excited as I am for him to be the big man on campus (IOH only goes up to pre-k), it's bittersweet knowing we won't be back next year. Where exactly did the time go? How is he 5 already? I have to stop before I need to grab a box of tissues...

I love this silly, smart, wonderful little boy SO very much.

34:52 | Fruit

This week's challenge was to do something fun with fruit. It was a little difficult, because I kept going back to the picture I chose for the Fresh challenge on week 6. But, I kept looking at these two pears in our fruit bowl, and this idea came to me...

 This is my submission...
A pear in love.

And just a few more.

Aren't they sweet? :)