Tuesday, May 29, 2012

21:52 | Water

This week's challenge was water, and the rule was that the image had to be black and white.

Um, I LOVED this week's theme...and it's rule. Are you tired of me saying that yet? :)

It's true though. I took one picture, then another, and another. It was REALLY hard for me to choose what to submit, but I did.

Just like other weeks, you are about to see my submission along with a few more images that I loved. Not all of them are black and white, but all of them are of water.

My Entry...
I love this image. I love the shades of grey. I love the reflection in the water droplet. I love the ruffled edges and the thorns.

Nature is beautiful, and I love finding beauty in the small things.

Here it is in color... 
And more...

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