Monday, May 14, 2012

19:52 | Celebrate

This week's theme was celebrate, and it couldn't have fallen on a better week. This week in May is truly one of my favorite weeks of the year. Each year at this time my husband and I celebrate our anniversary (9 years this year!), we celebrate Mother's Day, and we celebrate my son's birthday. Making this week extra celebratory this year, we also got to celebrate my daughter's graduation from Pre-K. I chose an image for my submission, but I couldn't settle on just one event for this blog post. So, I shared a little from all of them!
First up, my entry for this week...
We celebrated my son's birthday with crawfish! 

Now on to more of the celebrations! My daughter graduates!

Next Up: Celebrating 9 years with my wonderful husband :) (And our first dinner alone in a over a year!)

Up next: A birthday celebration!

Last, but not least, Mother's Day!

This was such a great week! Yay for celebrations!

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