Monday, May 7, 2012

18:52 | Cold

Last's week's theme was warmth, and this week was pretty much last week's opposite. The challenge topic for this (the 18th week) was cold. So, what did I choose to photograph? Ice. Yes, I know that seems sort of basic, but I had fun with it. Before getting the camera out, a glass was filled with water and left in the freeze for a few hours. After taking it out, I got the glass shaped ice cube out of the glass. The cool thing was that even though the outside of it was frozen, the inside was full of water. The bottom was the first to melt, and after picking up the ice and letting the water rush out, a glass made of ice was left. It was pretty fun, and my daughter loved it. That's what it all about.

Here is my submission... 
Here's how it went down...

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