Wednesday, April 18, 2012

15:52 | Nature

This week's challenge was to get out in nature, discover something, and photograph it. I love nature and discoveries, so I loved this week's theme. (By now, I am sure you are catching on to the fact that I love every week.)

So, what did I discover?

I discovered this hole! Inside (and down) the hole is a woodpecker nest! It may sound silly, but I didn't know birds would actually make holes in a tree like this to live in. It's the coolest thing, and I am amazed that they did this!
I love the marks they left in the tree, the home they made, listening to the babies chirping, and that I was able to capture them coming and going! See for yourselves!
Do you see her peeking out?
Love this shot!

It was tricky catching them coming and going, but being still paid off!  So cool!

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