Monday, April 30, 2012

17:52 | Warmth

This week's challenge was warmth. I am not sure about you, but I have been enjoying the incredibly warm weather we have had. So...I wanted to photograph something outside. :) I thought about the beach, but then I thought about the river. Growing up, we spent most of every weekend on the river crabbing, fishing, swimming, casting for shrimp, and so much more. I loved it. We might not have had a ton of money, but we had the river. And as a result, I have so many wonderful memories. Thinking back on that, I chose to go to my granddaddy's dock, and this evoked even more emotions.

My granddaddy passed away in October of last year. This hits me at moments when I am not really expecting it. He was such a great man, and there is no doubt about how much he loved me and my kids. He left a great legacy, and I know he is in heaven and has been reunited with my granny (she passed away 8 years ago). That knowledge brings me peace. They (my granddaddy and granny) bought a house on the river many years ago, so they could see their kids (they have 6) and grand-kids enjoy it. It was always a dream of theirs, and it shows you the kind of people they were. They were all about family. We spent so much time over there eating, celebrating, swimming, and boating...It's so surreal to think that part is over. Just two weeks ago we went through his house one last time in preparation for his estate sale. Pricing baskets and chairs wasn't difficult, but finding his personal things was. The flood of emotions came back...Reminding myself of where he is makes the comfort and peace return. This week as I thought of warmth, I knew that pictures on his dock would be perfect. They may not be perfectly composed or exposed, but to me, they are perfect. It may be some of the last pictures taken there, and I will treasure them.

This week's theme of warmth means so much more than the warm river breeze and the upper 80's temperatures...My kids, my family, and the memories warm my heart.

This was my submission...
We had a great time playing, laughing, and exploring. These are just because...

Each year I make the family pose for an annual Thanksgiving picture. Most hate the idea, but over the years I have gotten a few people on my side. I am thankful for that. This is the last family picture we have together with my granddaddy. Again, not perfect, but it is. I truly love my family. Love you, granddaddy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday for a Mission :)

Last month I offered mini sessions to help raise money for our mission trip (Most of you already know that my husband and I are going on a short term mission trip to Ecuador in June), and a dear friend asked if I would consider photographing a birthday party to raise money for it as well. The answer was a big yes! I felt honored she asked me. Not only did her precious family support my trip last year, they were now doing it again. I love this family so very much, and capturing their third son's 1st birthday was an absolute joy. Do you know people that have blessed you so much you just don't think you could repay them? Well, for me, this family is one of them. Thank you for your love and support!

Side note: Not only was this party fun, the decorations and food were awesome!

The cake was good. Clean up was fun, and being clean again meant more playing! Thank you again for everything!

16:52 | Animal

This week's challenge was photographing an animal, but not just any animal, it had to be a baby animal. :) I love the image I submitted for this week, and it's a bonus for me that my daughter get's to be featured in it as well.

Here is my entry...

And now for a few more! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

15:52 | Nature

This week's challenge was to get out in nature, discover something, and photograph it. I love nature and discoveries, so I loved this week's theme. (By now, I am sure you are catching on to the fact that I love every week.)

So, what did I discover?

I discovered this hole! Inside (and down) the hole is a woodpecker nest! It may sound silly, but I didn't know birds would actually make holes in a tree like this to live in. It's the coolest thing, and I am amazed that they did this!
I love the marks they left in the tree, the home they made, listening to the babies chirping, and that I was able to capture them coming and going! See for yourselves!
Do you see her peeking out?
Love this shot!

It was tricky catching them coming and going, but being still paid off!  So cool!