Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Every day should be Valentine's Day

"It's Valentine's Day! It's Valentine's Day!" This is how my daughter woke me up yesterday morning. She LOVES Valentine's Day. Absolutely loves it. If you ask her why, she will look at you with a giant smile and say, "Because it's a pink holiday." All day long she wished me happiness, gave me hugs, and told me she loved me. (Not that she doesn't do that every other day. This just happens to be a special day for it.) Handmade heart cards and songs also added to the day. My daughter is precious, and there is no doubt that words of affirmation and hugs are her love language. Valentine's Day is a day both of those things get the attention they deserve. Plus, it's a pink holiday, and that's the best color, isn't it?! :)To really drive home how much she loves this holiday, I'll quote her, "I just love Valentine's Day. It's the best. Oh, and I like Christmas too." So, for all of you that consider it a fake holiday, she will have none of it.

I love that I celebrated this wonderful day with two of the cutest little people ever. Let me tell you about my Valentines...  

My daughter, Rylee.
I would describe her as silly, sweet and loud. (I'll admit that she gets the loud part from me.) She talks with her hands, loves to laugh and has the cutest dimples. She loves music, singing, dancing, art, using her imagination, telling stories, pink, anything princessy, jewels, and  making up words. (She gets that from me too.) She's smart, is a planner, and is quick to come up with ideas...or reasons to do or not to do something. She can be impatient and bossy, and she's been known to pout when she doesn't get her way. But, she has a beautiful heart, loves to pray for people, loves our church, and loves Jesus. She is wonderful, and I love being her mommy. 

 My son , Laden. 
 He is always making me smile. He's silly, cute, happy, and he loves his sister. He's shy, doesn't like being the center of attention, and will hide when people he doesn't know try to talk to him. He has beautiful eyes, a crooked smile, a sideways run, and his hair always looks messy. He's strong willed, super smart, and likes to do things independently. He LOVES dogs, and he has about 25 stuffed animal dogs in his room. He barks when he talks, sings, and tells me good night. He isn't super cuddly, but it just makes every hug he gives me really special. He loves to use his imagination and pretend he's different characters from his favorite cartoons. He turns everything into drumsticks, and he brings me joy daily. I love being his mommy.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well!

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