Friday, February 17, 2012

One Every Seven

I love projects. Especially ones that I am pretty certain I will finish. :) Last year I really had fun with The Adventures of Max (Here's the link to his album:, and he seemed to get more popular as the year went along. This year I am doing the One Every Seven photography challenge (Here's the link to that album:, and it has been a lot of fun! The new specific topics and rules every week push me to be creative. I love it! We are already on week 7, so I will catch you up. But....before I do, I will share a few of my favorites from last year.

  I loved going back through these! Now...let me catch you up with the first six weeks of the new challenge!
1:52 | Happiness - Happiness is waking up to love notes from my daughter.
2:52 | New - New Day

4:52 | Close
3:52 | Circle - Circle and a rainy day.

5:52 | Old - 3rd generation "old" diamond.
6:52 | Fresh (with humor) - Help! I am getting berried!

And now......Week 7! 
This week's challenge was about getting up close.
7:52 |  Detail (Up close) - A sand dollar I found in Ecuador last year while on my first mission trip.

I had a few other images I liked too, so I am including them also.

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