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My husband and I are going to Ecuador, and I am excited to get to experience this mission trip with him. We have sent support letters out, and we are now praying that our financial support need will be met, for safe travels, for the safety of our team, for the success of the mission, for our relationship with Christ to be strengthened, for our kids while we are away, and for a good home for our dog while we are away. I don't think it's possible to pray too much or to have too many people praying for you, so I am sharing our support letter here and asking you to partner with us in prayer as we prepare for our trip. :)

Our letter...

"Dear Friends and Family,
As many of you know, last year I (Lauren speaking) had an opportunity to be part of a mission trip to Curia and San Jose, Ecuador. It was truly an awesome experience to be part of a team that's goal was to help jump-start a movement of Christ in this unreached area. Since last year’s visit there has been more regular church gatherings and many people who have dedicated their lives to Christ. Before this trip I felt a call to missions, and after this trip, I knew it wasn’t just a one-time thing. That trip strengthened my faith and showed me that I had something to contribute.
In June, Chase and I will both be a part of a mission trip returning to Curia and San Jose, and I can’t wait to serve alongside him! Our team’s focus will be to help strengthen and grow the ministry that has begun in this area, and we will again be working with our ministry partners, Carlos and Jeanette Guerrero. We will be doing many projects, but I have to admit that I am most excited about going back to serve in the school. With this trip we hope to again show the love of Christ, see God’s Kingdom grow, and the lives of the people of Curia and San Jose changed forever.
I (Chase speaking) am looking forward to stepping out by serving God in this way and being a witness for Christ. Lauren and I are presently preparing ourselves both spiritually and mentally for what is certain to be a challenging yet rewarding trip. But, in order for this trip to be possible, we will need to raise $2,800. This cost includes transportation, housing, food, insurance, and project materials. We would ask that you prayerfully consider the opportunity to participate financially in this mission trip. However and just as important, we are also asking for your prayer support for our family and our team as we prepare to travel.
If you feel led to contribute (In any way. Even $5 or $10 will help us meet our total), please let me know. Any monetary contributions will be GREATLY APPRECIATED, and they will also be fully tax deductible. (I have a form I can give you to send to the church with your contribution). All money is due April 20th, and a third of the total is due by Feb 26th.

You may never see the people you are helping to support, but my prayer is that you will meet them in heaven. How awesome it is to know that you are impacting lives and growing His Kingdom. (The next to last picture below is of a baptism that was done our last night in Ecuador last year.) Teams like this can only be made possible through the generosity of those who want to see the message of Christ spread throughout the world. You gifts and your prayers matter. Thank you in advance for helping make it possible.

God Bless,
Chase and Lauren"

And, because pictures make blog posts more fun, I am posting some from last year's trip.

This was our 2011 team. I am so excited that so many of these great people will be apart of the 2012 team as well!
I love these people!

Want a fun way to support us? I am doing a morning of mini sessions to help us raise the funds we need. Information is on my facebook photography page. (Link here:

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